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Course NumberS-EP08-05.01TAS
GM/CoL Equivalent Course Number
Delivery PlatformT--TechAssist
Smart Phone CompatibleNo
Tablet CompatibleNo
Course Browser ModeCompatibility View
TechTube(Not Set)

Course Name2003 Express/Savanna CNG Injected Fuel System
DescriptionThe intent of this TECHAssist isto show the differences between the 2003 Express/Savanna CNG Injected Fuel System and other CNG systems. It covers system operation, including components and some diagnosis information.
Retail Price (USD)20.00
Two Step Enrollment OverrideNo
Course Notes

Effective Start Date06/30/2010
Effective End Date06/30/2020

Duration (in days)
Course Hours0.5

Expiration Period
Course CategoryEngine Performance

Active CourseYes