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Course NumberSEL0101SM
GM/CoL Equivalent Course Number
Delivery PlatformV--Service Seminar
Smart Phone CompatibleNo
Tablet CompatibleNo
Course Browser ModeCompatibility View

Course NameBattery Marketer
DescriptionThis course will focus on the ACDelco battery product line. Attending participants will be prepared to sell and support ACDelco branded batteries. At a high level, discussion will include battery function, service, safety, and warranty when handling batteries, battery industry sales, and marketing batteries to installers.
Retail Price (USD)175.00
Two Step Enrollment OverrideNo
Course Notes

Effective Start Date02/09/2018
Effective End Date02/09/2031

Duration (in days)
Course Hours3

Expiration Period
Course CategoryElectrical/Electronic Systems

Active CourseYes