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  • Course Category
    1. Alternative Propulsion
    2. Automatic Transmission
    3. Body Electrical and Communication
    4. Brakes
    5. Collision
    6. Customer Communication
    7. Diagnostic Systems
    8. Electrical/Electronic Systems
    9. Engine Mechanical
    10. Engine Performance
    11. Financial Management
    12. Fundamentals
    13. HVAC
    14. Light Duty Diesel
    15. Maintenance
    16. Manual Transmission/Driveline
    17. Safety and Security
    18. Service Consultant
    19. Suspension/Steering

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    2. Business Seminar
    3. Business Web-Based Training
    4. Half Day Training
    5. In Development
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    8. Service Seminar
    9. Service Web-Based Training
    10. TechAssist
    11. TechTube
    12. Video On Demand

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Video On Demand
Tablet Compatible
2017 SKH Seminar January Emerging Issues 
This "Emerging Issues" monthly GM Service Know-How Seminar will cover:

Top Stories
• Mail Bag: Camaro Spoiler
• Mail Bag: Recall 3034A Question
• Mail Bag: V8 Chirp Noise
• Engineering Information Bulletins and Part Restriction Changes
• Rear Seat Safety Feature
• EL-51755 Inductive Charging Test Tool Adapter
• New Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines
• Mark of Excellence Enrollment
• World Class Technicians

What’s Hot for Cars
• 16NA398: Cascada Radio Concern
• 16NA397: Cruze Door Glass Concern
• Refrigerant Leak Diagnosis
• Bolt EV Manual Disconnect

What’s Hot for Trucks
• 16NA406: 2017 Acadia Park Brake
• 16NA395: Front Door Trim Panel Retainers
• 16NA389: Front View Camera
• PIT5533: Front Creak, Click, Pop
• PIT5530: 6 Spoke Wheels
• PIT5373: Colorado, Canyon Airbag Rattle
• 16NA159: Colorado, Canyon Steering Column Squeak

• Clutch Fluid Seal Rings
• 16NA014: Delayed Engagement
• Corvette Driveline Support Assembly Replacement Procedure
• DT45096: Transmission Oil Cooling System Flush and Flow Test Tool
• PIC6229: Vehicle Will Not Crank
• 16NA404: 8L45, 8L90 with MIL
• High Voltage Battery Lift Table

Back to Basics
• EL-50313 Battery Tester Charger, GR8 Tool Update
o Video
• EL-50334-20 Multi-Media Interface Tool (MIT) Tool Update
o Video
• EL-50332 Hybrid/ EV Battery Service Tool Update
• o Video

Fix it Right the First Time
• Cars: 16NA385: XT5, LaCrosse Parking Brake
• Trucks: 16NA379: Express, Savana AC Concern
Video On Demand
Tablet Compatible
2018 SKH Seminar September Emerging Issues 
The "Emerging Issues" monthly GM Service Know-How Seminar will cover:

Top Stories
• Safety Moment: Respirators (SC)
• Mail Bag: Techline Connect
• OnStar® Gen 11
• GM World Display: GM Racing
• World Class Technicians

Featured Topic
• 2019 Camaro

What’s Hot for Cars
• 18NA255: Loud Noise During Low Speed Driving
• 18NA260: 2018 Cruze AC Not Getting Cold

What’s Hot for Trucks
• PIT5626: Intermittent Communications Concern
• Colorado/Canyon Accessory Fender Installation Update
• Medium Duty Radio Mutes in Reverse
• 18NA223: Full Size SUV Carpet Concern
• 18NA239: K2 Trucks Steering Wheel Grinding Noise
• 18NA189: Acadia Sunroof Rattle Noise
• 18NA257: Express/Savanna ABS Light
• Express/Savanna High Beam Too Low Concern
• 2018 Traverse Mis-aligned Right Rear Door

• 2011-2012 Volt Battery Pack Service Considerations
• Bolt EV Battery Service
• 6 and 8 Speed Transmission Thermal Bypass Valve
• 18NA235: Surge, Chuggle or Misfire While Driving
• 9T45, 9T50 Bearing Direction

Back to Basics
• SI Wiring Diagram Symbols and Icons

Service Seminar
Advanced Powertrain Technology Seminar 
This one-hour seminar covers an overview of General Motors electric and eAssist hybrid vehicles. Topics include proper safety information for the electrical power supply system, high voltage systems, eAssist, Jump Assist and jump starting procedures. 
Self Study
Batteries Self Study Training 
This self study course discusses batteries and their place as the foundation of the vehicle electrical system. Course topics include: battery safety, battery overview, construction, temperature effects, service and maintenance procedures.  
Self Study
Belts and Hoses Self Study Training 
This self study course provides an overview of ACDelco belts and hoses including safety, component operation, service, and maintenance. 
Service Seminar
Body Controls & Safety Systems 
What do you do when a customer bring you a vehicle with one of more of the body control or safety systems disabled or inoperative? The Body Control and Safety Systems course uses real world scenarios based on vehicles from several manufactures to focus on identifying and diagnosis of the various body control and safety systems. 
Service Seminar
Brake Noise Diagnosis - Squeak, Squeal, Moan? Give me a “Brake” 
Modern brake systems operate on the same principles that braking systems have used for over 100 years. Recent regulation changes combined with the pursuit of improved fuel economy and safety have resulted in changes in the designs. Some changes have increased the occurrences of the braking system noises. This three-hour seminar presents information on diagnosing brake system noise concerns, service tips and procedures to reduce brake noise comebacks. In addition, special service tools and ACDelco brake products are discussed. 
Service Web-Based Training
Tablet Compatible
Brakes Inspection and Maintenance 
Brake systems enable a vehicle to stop in a controlled manner. The performance of this system is critical to the safety and well-being of the occupants, other drivers, and pedestrians. Familiarization of the brake system components and operation is essential to perform a proper inspection. This course covers the basic procedures for the inspection and maintenance of brake systems. The course presents an overview of the relevant components and their operation, and covers the appropriate inspection and maintenance procedures. 
Service Seminar
Diesel Technology Insights: Heavy on the torque; light with the fuel 
The seminar will cover what's new in light diesel cars and trucks. If you have not noticed, there is a new generation of common-rail diesel engines on the road today: cleaner, quieter and more powerful. Seminar topics include: GM Duramax Gen I, the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Gen 1, exhaust aftertreatment, as well as sensors and diesel offerings from Ford, Chrysler and VW. Also discussed are safety, maintenance, diagnostics and service related to these modern diesel fuel and emission systems. 
Service Web-Based Training
Tablet Compatible
Extended Range Electric Vehicle: Introduction - Gen 1 Chevrolet Volt 
This course introduces Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs), and covers the key features, components, modes of operation, and characteristics of the electrical and charging systems. It also covers vehicle communication and high voltage interlock circuit systems, as well as the diagnostic process and safety precautions.

Upon completion of this course, technicians will be able to:
• Identify the key features of extended range electric vehicles
• Identify the components and modes of operation
• Identify the characteristics of the electrical system and the types and characteristics of the vehicle communication system
• Identify the characteristics of the charging system
• Identify the characteristics of the high voltage interlock circuits
• Identify the diagnostic process and safety precautions

Service Web-Based Training
High Voltage Battery Systems Fundamentals 
This course covers the features of the global hybrid and electric vehicle high voltage battery systems. It provides the fundamentals of high battery voltage construction, control modules, thermal management, contactors, manual disconnect features, chassis isolation, and safety features. Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Recall the fundamentals of high voltage battery construction
  • Recall the fundamentals of high voltage control and monitoring
  • Recall the fundamental safety features of high voltage batteries
Service Web-Based Training
Tablet Compatible
HVAC System Inspection and Maintenance 
This WBT course presents an overview of a vehicle’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, including components and operation, and then covers the basic procedures for the inspection and maintenance of an HVAC system. The course also covers relevant aspects of the inspection of HVAC systems in a hybrid vehicle.

Upon completion of this course, technicians will be able to:
  • Identify the basic components and operation of an HVAC system
  • Describe the inspection procedure for the heating system
  • Explain the inspection procedure for the ventilation system
  • Describe the inspection procedure for the air conditioning system
  • Identify the characteristics of an HVAC system in hybrid / electric vehicles
  • Review the inspection and safety procedures for an HVAC system in hybrid / electric vehicles
Service Seminar
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Operation, Diagnosis, and Repair 
This Instructor-led training Seminar provides an overview of hybrid and electric vehicle designs, operation, and servicing. Diagnosing and servicing Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) requires an in-depth understanding of their design and operation. This course covers the operation of HEV and BEV propulsion systems, driveline configurations, high voltage batteries, drive motors / generators, and charging systems. The course also covers HEV and BEV servicing procedures including high voltage safety, high voltage disabling / enabling, loss of isolation diagnosis, and range related conditions. 
Service Seminar
Hybrid Regenerative Brake Systems 
This one-hour seminar covers the physics and diagnostics of Hybrid regenerative braking systems. The use of inertia, force and mass will be discussed, as well as the principles of electric motor operation. Operation and diagnosis of the pedal feel emulator will also be covered.

In order to promote safety while working with Hybrid vehicles, the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), properly identifying conduit color of he high voltage system, and deactivating the high voltage system will be reviewed.

Specific common customer concerns will also be covered, as well as general diagnostic procedures and service tools needed to address these concerns. 
Service Seminar
Hybrid Vehicles: Safety First 
This seminar provides an in-person opportunity to complete prerequisite hybrid training for Hybrid ILT participation.
Two-mode hybrid vehicle features and the safety precautions associated with servicing them will be described.
Technicians will identify unique Two-mode hybrid components and systems as they discuss system operation. Procedures for disabling and enabling the Two-mode hybrid 300 volt battery system will be explained.
Operation of the Two-mode hybrid 300 volt battery system and high voltage power electronics will be described. The high voltage disconnect procedure will be explained, as well as how to verify that the high voltage system is disabled. The discharge procedure and jump starting procedure will also be discussed.
Two-mode hybrid supporting systems and self diagnosis logic will also be covered. Voltage conversion components that power various systems will be described. The seminar will conclude with overviews of electric power steering, electric air conditioning compressors, and regenerative braking systems that capture and store energy.
  • Identify types, features, and components of Two-mode Hybrid vehicles.
  • Identify characteristics, components and system operation of the Two-mode Hybrid 300 volt battery.
  • Identify high-voltage warnings and required safety practices when working on Two-mode Hybrid vehicles.
Service Seminar
Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles 
This one-hour seminar introduces hybrid vehicle technology enhancements and components unique to hybrid vehicles. Hybrid high voltage safety procedures and basic troubleshooting will also be covered. 
Service Seminar
Knowledge is Power 
This 3 to 4 hour seminar is intended to provide an introduction to vehicle service and safety issues for vehicle owners / students who may lack experience dealing with the vehicle service environment. The topics in this seminar will increase awareness of regular scheduled maintenance, recognizing vehicle problems, and safety concerns. After taking this seminar, students should have the information needed to identify when regular maintenance is necessary. This includes proper tire care, brake system issues, transmission service, frequency of oil changes, and many other relevant topics. Students will also learn how to recognize vehicle service needs including interpreting warning lights, checking fluids, and distinguishing between various brake noises. Extensive use of pass-around components and on-car demonstrations make this a truly, interactive hands on learning session. Students will be presented with the recommended steps for communicating vehicle issues to their technician, as well as steps for ensuring safety on the road to help keep their families protected. Travel tips for the various seasons will also be discussed. 
Service Seminar
Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and Safety 
This one-hour seminar introduces new NVH technologies and several new safety features. The seminar provides an introduction to OnStar® back-up battery and an explanation of how electronic stability control operates. The seminar also covers the functions and components of Adaptive Cruise Control. 
Record(s) 1 to 18 of 18