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  • Course Category
    1. Alternative Propulsion
    2. Automatic Transmission
    3. Body Electrical
    4. Brakes
    5. Collision
    6. Customer Communication
    7. Diagnostic Systems
    8. Electrical/Electronic Systems
    9. Engine Mechanical
    10. Engine Performance
    11. Financial Management
    12. Fundamentals
    13. HVAC
    14. Light Duty Diesel
    15. Maintenance
    16. Manual Transmission/Driveline
    17. Safety and Security
    18. Service Consultant
    19. Suspension/Steering

  • Delivery Type
    1. ASE
    2. Assessment
    3. Business Seminar
    4. Business Web-Based Training
    5. Half Day Training
    6. In Development
    7. Instructor-Led Training
    8. Self Study
    9. Service Seminar
    10. Service Web-Based Training
    11. Simulation
    12. TechAssist
    13. TechTube
    14. Video On Demand
    15. Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
    16. Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) - Recorded

  • Person Type
    1. A0 Alternative Propulsion Specialist
    2. A1 Engine Repair Specialist
    3. A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Specialist
    4. A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Specialist
    5. A4 Suspension and Steering Specialist
    6. A5 Brakes Specialist
    7. A6 Electrical and Electronics Specialist
    8. A7 Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist
    9. A8 Engine Performance Specialist
    10. A9 Light Duty Diesel Specialist
    11. A10 Body Electrical and Communication Specialist
    12. Technical Fundamentals
    13. Maintenance and Inspection
    14. Service Advisor

Record(s) 1 to 15 of 15
Self Study
Alternators/Generators and Starters - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive alternator and starter designs. Includes alternator and starter functions as well as components, and, hybrid vehicle starter-generator information. 
Self Study
Batteries - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive battery groups and designs. Includes construction, service and replacement information. 
Self Study
Belts & Hoses - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive belts and hoses design. Includes multi-ribbed serpentine belts, V-belts and engine timing belts. Molded radiator and bypass hoses along with fuel-resistant and specialty hoses will be covered. Hybrid vehicle information as it relates to belts is also explored. 
Self Study
Brakes - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive brake designs. Includes drum brakes, disc brakes, hydraulic systems, antilock braking systems, customer concerns and ACDelco DuraStop products. Hybrid vehicle information as it relates to vehicle braking is also explored. 
Self Study
Chassis - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive chassis systems. Includes chassis function and types, alignment fundamentals, electronic suspension control and steering system components. 
Self Study
Manual Transmission Clutch - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive clutch systems. Includes clutch discs, pressure plates, mechanical and hydraulic release systems, flywheels and pilot bearings. 
Self Study
Emissions - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive emission systems. Includes EVAP Systems, catalytic converters, PCV Valves, air injection systems, secondary air pumps and EGR Valves. 
Self Study
Filters - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive filter designs. Includes construction, identification, and replacement information for air, oil, fuel, transmission, coolant and cabin air filters. 
Self Study
Fluids and Chemicals - Product Training 
This informative, non-OEM specific course introduces chemicals and vehicle fluids utilized in the shop such as: engine oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, transmission seal conditioner, radiator seal tabs, radiator anti rust and water pump lubricant, fuel system treatment, diesel fuel treatment, brake parts cleaner, and penetrant.

This course highlights points of interest for these fluids such as properties, standards, and myths. The effects of engine deposit buildup are discussed as well as the benefits of using ACDelco’s Fuel System Treatment Plus. Packaging and part numbers are also provided.  
Self Study
Fuel Systems - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive fuel systems. Includes fuel injectors, regulators, Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) systems and Spark Plug Ignited Direct Injection (SIDI) components. 
Self Study
HVAC - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive heating and air conditioning designs. Includes air conditioning system operation and components, the air distribution system operation and components, and HVAC chemicals. Also presented are methods to control air conditioning odors as well as hybrid vehicle information as it relates to the HVAC system. 
Self Study
Ignition - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive ignition systems and high voltage delivery system designs. Includes coils, spark plug wires, spark plugs, primary and secondary circuit components, distributor and distributorless systems. 
Self Study
Engine Cooling System - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive cooling system designs. Includes water pumps, radiators, coolants, chemicals, hoses and heater cores. Hybrid vehicle information as it relates to engine cooling system is also explored. 
Self Study
Shocks, Struts, Rack and Pinion - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive suspension system designs. Includes shock absorbers, struts, and power steering systems. 
Self Study
Spark Plugs - Product Training 
An explanation of popular automotive spark plugs and design. Conventional tip, extended tip, RAPIDFire Platinum, and heat ranges are presented. 
Record(s) 1 to 15 of 15