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  • Course Category
    1. Alternative Propulsion
    2. Automatic Transmission
    3. Body Electrical
    4. Brakes
    5. Collision
    6. Customer Communication
    7. Diagnostic Systems
    8. Electrical/Electronic Systems
    9. Engine Mechanical
    10. Engine Performance
    11. Financial Management
    12. Fundamentals
    13. HVAC
    14. Light Duty Diesel
    15. Maintenance
    16. Manual Transmission/Driveline
    17. Safety and Security
    18. Service Consultant
    19. Suspension/Steering

  • Delivery Type
    1. ASE
    2. Assessment
    3. Business Seminar
    4. Business Web-Based Training
    5. Half Day Training
    6. In Development
    7. Instructor-Led Training
    8. Self Study
    9. Service Seminar
    10. Service Web-Based Training
    11. Simulation
    12. TechAssist
    13. TechTube
    14. Video On Demand
    15. Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
    16. Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) - Recorded

  • Person Type
    1. A0 Alternative Propulsion Specialist
    2. A1 Engine Repair Specialist
    3. A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Specialist
    4. A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Specialist
    5. A4 Suspension and Steering Specialist
    6. A5 Brakes Specialist
    7. A6 Electrical and Electronics Specialist
    8. A7 Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist
    9. A8 Engine Performance Specialist
    10. A9 Light Duty Diesel Specialist
    11. A10 Body Electrical and Communication Specialist
    12. Technical Fundamentals
    13. Maintenance and Inspection
    14. Service Advisor

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Service Web-Based Training
12V Stop / Start System: Overview, Components and Operation 
This WBT course presents an overview of the 12V Stop / Start System, including the three different types, how they operate, features, and components. Topics include information about the benefits and the supporting automatic transmission fluid systems. Participants will acquire asound understanding of how the 12V Stop / Start System works, enabling them to service vehicles equipped with this system more effectively.

Upon completion of this course, technicians will be able to:
  • Recognize basic functions, components, sensors and benefits of start / stop systems
  • Distinguish between the components of the three different types of stop / start systems
  • Distinguish between the operations of the three different types of start / stop systems
  • Compare the functions of the two different automatic transmission fluid systems
Video On Demand
Tablet Compatible
2013 SKH Seminar Sep Emerging Issues 
This "Emerging Issues" monthly GM Service Know-How Seminar will cover:

Top Stories
• Mail Bag: Labor Times
• Mail Bag: GM Special Service Tool Videos
• Mail Bag: What makes a World Class Technician?
• New World Class Technicians
• HVAC Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX)
• Bulletin 13-00-89-008: Wire repair strategy
• Correction: 2014 Spark TCM location

Featured Topic
• 2014 Cadillac CTS

What’s Hot for Cars
• 2013 ATS sunroof reversal concern
• 2013 ATS won’t shift from PARK concern
• PI0945: 2012-13 Sonic liftgate concern
• PIC5902: 2014 Camaro rear license plate installation
• PIC5895: 2013-14 Camaro, blower speed display freezes
• Camaro: Possible water leak from door
• PIP4910: EREV Vehicles, Proper coolant for power electronics
• PIC5769 Updated: 2011-13 Volts
• 2014 Corvette Stingray Accessory Spoiler installation

What’s Hot for Trucks
• 2014 Silverado and Sierra Accessory Bed Liner Installation
• 2014 Silverado and Sierra Accessory Tri-Fold Tonneau Installation
• Service Update 13257: 2014 Silverado and Sierra 1500 Communication concern
• PIT5226: 2014 Silverado and Sierra 1500 rear sliding glass concern

• Leakage vs. Seepage
• Front Suspension Alignment after drivetrain lowered
• 2014 Silverado and Sierra vibration concerns

Fix it Right the First Time
• Cars: PIC5752, 2013 ATS Front Floor Console Front Compartment concern
• Trucks: PIT5221, 2014 Silverado and Sierra Automatic HVAC concern

Video On Demand
Tablet Compatible
2017 SKH Seminar Feb Emerging Issues 
This "Emerging Issues" monthly GM Service Know-How Seminar will cover:

Top Stories
• 01-08-42-001: Exterior Lamp Condensation (SC)
• PIE0392: 2017 Buick Encore Tail Lamp Condensation
• Engineering Information Bulletins and Part Restriction Changes
• World Class Technicians
Featured Topic
• 2017 Service Training Standards
o Guest: Bob LeMaigre, North Central Regional Training Center Operations Manager
What’s Hot for Cars
• 2017 ATS Left Tail Lamp Flashing Concern
• 15-06-03-002: Update and Reissued
• Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Removable Roof Weatherstrip
• Chevrolet Corvette Ground Effects, Loose Parts Delivery Reminder
• 2016-2017 Buick Cascada RAP Concern
• PIC6198: Bluetooth Parasitic Drain Concern
• PIC6249: 2016-2017 Chevrolet Impala Cold Air from Wireless Charging Dock (SC)
• 16NA248: 2014 Buick LaCrosse Failed Rear Wheel Bearing Hub
• PIC6232: 2017 Buick LaCrosse Inaccurate Outside Air Temperature
• 16NA396: No Remote Detected
• 16NA347: UF7 Radio Concerns
• Stop/ Start System Requirements (SC)
What’s Hot for Trucks
• 2017 Chevrolet Trax HVAC Concern
• 17NA006: 2016 Chevrolet Trax Creak Noise, Panel Flexing
• GMC Acadia Limited Wind Noise Concern
• Cadillac XT5 Wheel Lock Keys
• 2017 Buick Envision Driver’s Side Airbag Installation
• PIP5240: 1.4L LUV with MIL and DTC P0171/ P1101
• PIC6250: EVAP System Performance
• PIT5540: Duramax Voltage Gauge Concern
• 2.5L LCV with DTC P2097 ECM Calibration
• 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Flutter Noise Concern
Back to Basics
• AFIT Update Procedure
• Video
Fix it Right the First Time
• Cars: 17NA010: Service Airbag Message
• Trucks: 17NA009: Buick Envision Lane Keep Assist Concern
Video On Demand
Tablet Compatible
2017 SKH Seminar Jan Emerging Issues 
This "Emerging Issues" monthly GM Service Know-How Seminar will cover:

Top Stories
• Mail Bag: Camaro Spoiler
• Mail Bag: Recall 3034A Question
• Mail Bag: V8 Chirp Noise
• Engineering Information Bulletins and Part Restriction Changes
• Rear Seat Safety Feature
• EL-51755 Inductive Charging Test Tool Adapter
• New Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines
• Mark of Excellence Enrollment
• World Class Technicians

What’s Hot for Cars
• 16NA398: Cascada Radio Concern
• 16NA397: Cruze Door Glass Concern
• Refrigerant Leak Diagnosis
• Bolt EV Manual Disconnect

What’s Hot for Trucks
• 16NA406: 2017 Acadia Park Brake
• 16NA395: Front Door Trim Panel Retainers
• 16NA389: Front View Camera
• PIT5533: Front Creak, Click, Pop
• PIT5530: 6 Spoke Wheels
• PIT5373: Colorado, Canyon Airbag Rattle
• 16NA159: Colorado, Canyon Steering Column Squeak

• Clutch Fluid Seal Rings
• 16NA014: Delayed Engagement
• Corvette Driveline Support Assembly Replacement Procedure
• DT45096: Transmission Oil Cooling System Flush and Flow Test Tool
• PIC6229: Vehicle Will Not Crank
• 16NA404: 8L45, 8L90 with MIL
• High Voltage Battery Lift Table

Back to Basics
• EL-50313 Battery Tester Charger, GR8 Tool Update
o Video
• EL-50334-20 Multi-Media Interface Tool (MIT) Tool Update
o Video
• EL-50332 Hybrid/ EV Battery Service Tool Update
• o Video

Fix it Right the First Time
• Cars: 16NA385: XT5, LaCrosse Parking Brake
• Trucks: 16NA379: Express, Savana AC Concern
Service Web-Based Training
2018 Global Midsize Truck New Model Launch 
This WBT course will introduce participants to the mechanical service procedures for the 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV. This course provides an overview of the vehicle and describes engines, transmissions, driveline, power and signal distribution operations, safety and security systems, body systems, driver information and entertainment, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), steering systems, suspension system features, and brake systems.

Upon completion of this course, technicians will be able to:
  • Describe selected features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize engine features for a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize manual transmission features and MYB-6L50 automatic transmission features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize the driveline features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize power and signal distribution features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize safety and security features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize body electrical system features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize driver information and entertainment features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) characteristics
  • Recognize steering system features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize suspension system features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
  • Recognize brake system features of a 2018 Global Midsize Truck and SUV
Tablet Compatible
3.6 Hi Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement 
This video demonstrates the proper procedure to remove and install the high pressure fuel pump on a 3.6L LLT SIDI engine. 
Tablet Compatible
4.3 Balance Shaft Timing Chain Replacement (Gen V) 
This video demonstrates how to replace the balancer shaft timing chain on a Gen V 4.3L engine. 
Service Web-Based Training
6.6L Duramax Operation, Service and Diagnosis 1 
This WBT course is intended for experienced engine/driveability service technicians. Part one of this three-part WBT course focuses on the Duramax 6600 LB7, LLY-LBZ and LMM engine operation, performance and major subsystem integration. Specific systems covered are the fuel system, engine management system, exhaust aftertreatment system and electronic engine controls.

Upon completion of this course, technicians will be able to apply concepts and procedures to diagnose the Duramax 6600 LMM Diesel Fuel system, Engine Management system, and Exhaust Aftertreatment system concerns. 
Tablet Compatible
A/C Refrigerant Oils 
This video looks at A/C refrigerant oils and concerns to be aware of, including, why A/C mineral oil 525 should be used to lubricate A/C system o-rings to prevent corrosion of connections. 
Business Seminar
ACDelco Learning Management System (LMS) Overview 
This In Shop Training provides a venue for technicians, shop owners, managers, bookkeepers or other shop personnel that are unfamiliar with the ACDelco Learning Management System (LMS) to learn about and experience the functional characteristics of the system.  
Business Seminar
ACDelco Training Recognition Program 
This seminar will cover the key features of the Technician Training Recognition Program, which is a program that recognizes the technician for completing the ACDelco training paths on the training website. The course includes highlights of the training website, including an overview of the training paths and skill groups that list the courses required to earn medallions.  
Tablet Compatible
Active Fuel Management Lifters 
This video describes General Motors Active Fuel Management (AFM) system operation, diagnosis and inspection of AFM lifters and proper replacement procedures. 
Half Day Training
Advanced Charging and Starting Systems 
This Half Day Training (HDT) session is intended for electrical technicians. The course will focus on various starting and charging systems from stand-alone controls to PCM/BCM interfaced systems. Electronic power management, regulated voltage control, load shedding and battery rundown protection will be discussed. An emphasis will be put on proper diagnostics and service procedures for each system. Fundamentals will be covered only as a review. 
Service Seminar
Advanced Powertrain Technology Seminar 
This one-hour seminar covers an overview of General Motors electric and eAssist hybrid vehicles. Topics include proper safety information for the electrical power supply system, high voltage systems, eAssist, Jump Assist and jump starting procedures. 
Tablet Compatible
AGM Battery Testing and Charging 
This video describes the construction, testing and charging of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. 
Self Study
Alternators / Generators and Starters Self Study Training 
This self study course provides an overview of alternators / generators and starters, the components that comprise these parts and the system that is serviced by these products.  
Tablet Compatible
Ambient Air Temp Sensor Diagnosis 
This video shows a diagnosis procedure for an ambient temp sensor using the schematic to isolate the concern. 
Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
Auto Trans Operation, Diag. and Service 2 
"This Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) course covers tests and procedures to diagnose automatic transmission concerns that include an illuminated Malfunction Indicator Lamp and a transmission that will not shift. Diagnostic tests include the Line Pressure Test and the Solenoid Assembly Test. The course also discusses Service Information procedures for fluid level and condition checking and using various electronic and electrical tools. Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to apply concepts and procedures to diagnose automatic transmission concerns, specifically how to diagnose an automatic transmission speed sensor concern and how to diagnose an automatic transmission using the solenoid assembly performance test procedure."  
Tablet Compatible
Automatic Level Control Rear Air Shock Replacement 
This video demonstrates diagnosis and repair of General Motors Auto Level Control Rear Air Shocks, from verifying air pressure, to proper installation of the replacement air shocks. 
Service Seminar
Automatic Leveling Controls 
This one-hour seminar is designed to provide an overview of automatic leveling control systems. Specific topics include types of automatic leveling control systems, operation of each type of system and diagnostic tips for servicing automatic leveling control systems.  
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Record(s) 1 to 20 of 116